Leading Manufacturer of Phthalocyanine Pigment, Copper Salts, Blue Pigment, Phthalocyanine Crude Blue by Narayan Organics in India.
Narayan Group of Industries
The Leading Manufacturers of Phthalocyanine pigments and Its Derivatives.
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Manufacturer of Phthalocyanine Pigments including Metal Phthalocyanines Crude Blue, Phthalocyanine Pigments. Offers Zinc Phthalocyanine, Iron Phthalocyanine, Nickel Phthalocyanine by Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd.
   Products - Metal Phthalocyanines Crude Blue
Cobalt Phthalocyanine
Mfg. Capacity 300 MT Per year

Process: CoPC is manufactured by standard Ureaphthalic melt process using high boiling solvent and Cobalt Sulphate.

Technical Specifications
Name of the Product :Cobalt Phthalocyanine
CAS NO. : 3317 - 67 - 7
Chemical Formula : C32H16N8Co
Molecular Weight : 571.47
SR. No. Properties Specifications
1 Physical form Fine Powder
2 Colour Blue sl. Violet
3 pH 2% aqueous solution 6.5 to 7.0
4 Water Solubles 0.5 % (max.)
5 Total co Content 10.31%
6 Free co Content 0.01 % (max.)
7 Purity (By Acid Pasting) 94 to 95 %
As a pigment, for the preparation of VAT dyes and Phthalogen dyes, Oxidation Catalysts etc.
Manufacturer of Pigment Blue 15.3, Pigment Blue 15.2 by Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd. Offers Pigment Blue 15.1, Pigment Blue 15.2 by Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd. Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd offers Pigment Blue 15.0, Pigment Green 7. Offers Pigment Blue 15.3, Pigment Blue 15.2 by Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd.
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