Leading Manufacturer of Phthalocyanine Pigment, Copper Salts, Blue Pigment, Phthalocyanine Crude Blue by Narayan Organics in India.
Narayan Group of Industries
The Leading Manufacturers of Phthalocyanine pigments and Its Derivatives.
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Manufacturer of Phthalocyanine Pigments including Metal Phthalocyanines Crude Blue, Phthalocyanine Pigments. Offers Zinc Phthalocyanine, Iron Phthalocyanine, Nickel Phthalocyanine by Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd.
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Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd., was established in 1997, with the aim of manufacturing and supplying a Copper Phthalocyanine Crude Blue and its derivatives, the company has grown drastically because of highly qualified management, methodologies and understanding of our customers’ needs. Initially, with the help of our manufacturing facility at Ankleshwar, Gujarat, we had a capacity of manufacturing 1200 MT/annum of Copper Phthalocyanine Crude Blue. Now, the present manufacturing capacity of the company is 6000 MT/annum of Copper Phthalocynaine Crude Blue and 300MT/annum each of Pigment Beta Blue 15.3 and Pigment Green 7. Through our innovative and rigorous quality products as well as our research & development team we have been able to deliver solutions that help our clients in attaining success within diverse markets.

To strengthen our core business and extend our market to new areas, we are proud to announce that we have taken over a chemical company so that we can fulfil the expectations of our customers in the best possible manner.

Narayan Group of Industries was established in 1985 to manufacture Copper Salts (Cuprous Chloride, Cupric Chloride Anhydrous and Ammonium Molybdate), the raw-materials required for production of Copper Phthalocyanine Crude Blue. Due to our innovative products, we have been able to accelerate our journey and establish Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd., a dedicated company manufacturing Copper Phthalocyanine Crude Blue and its derivatives in a trusted and cost efficient way.

The strength of our company lies in our management which is led by Mr. Dahyabhai N Patel, managing director and the founder of Narayan Group of Industries. Before establishing the company, he achieved his master’s degree in chemistry and gained extensive experience of more than a decade of working in chemical industry. It is widely acknowledged that he focused on market requirements, studied applications closely, kept abreast of latest advances, pursued formulation, experiment and testing etc. until he became convinced of the direction taken, and the growth the Company was capable of. He is a sheer optimist and under his guidance only the company has been able to provide high quality products with timely delivery and trouble free export formalities. Our highly qualified technical staff and chemical wizards strive to formulate solutions even to the most complex chemical problems.

We believe in continuous growth in terms of innovation in products because we understand the evolving demands of our customers and adapt to new technologies in order to fulfil those demands. We integrate innovative ideas with our specialized products and the outcome of which is our satisfied customers worldwide.

With our expertise and track record we aim to provide prompt response to the growing demands of our customers. We consider any difficult job as a challenge and incorporating customers’ perspectives in our business activities, we strive to enhance our skills and capabilities.

Customer Service
We are totally determined and committed towards our customers’ satisfaction by providing reliable products and services, on time delivery at competitive prices. We believe in constant improvement in products to support our customers to stay ahead and be competent in their area of expertise.

Quality Policy
We are a company conducting business on the basis of our quality policies. Our team of highly qualified professionals adhere to the quality standards in all products and services as well as ensured that all our customers whether domestic or international, are delivered quality products meeting their expectations. We are committed towards continually improving our quality standards as we work towards achieving ultimate customer satisfaction.

Manufacturer of Pigment Blue 15.3, Pigment Blue 15.2 by Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd. Offers Pigment Blue 15.1, Pigment Blue 15.2 by Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd. Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd offers Pigment Blue 15.0, Pigment Green 7. Offers Pigment Blue 15.3, Pigment Blue 15.2 by Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd.
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